Accounting & Bookkeeping for Tech Companies

Rapid growth, heavy R&D, and the constant need to maximize cash means tech firms require a powerful accounting engine. When accuracy matters, and high impact decisions are frequent, find a team that delivers books you trust.

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You Focus On Growth.
We’ll Handle the Books.

At, we talk a lot about the highest and best use of one’s time. What is yours? Get more time and energy for your highest impact projects, your best customers, and your growth.

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Maximize cash flow, its visibility, and control with budget to actual reporting and a structured accounts payable process.
  • Growth Capital
  • With solid financials, access traditional bank lines of credit with lower rates than short term bridge loans.
  • Reporting Confidence
  • Talk with your board or investors with confidence. Share financial reports that are accurate, on time, and build trust.
  • R&D Tracking
  • Maximize your end of year tax credit with accurate R&D expense and time tracking throughout the entire year.

An Essential Foundation, Delivered. provides comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping and controller services alongside a network of fractional CFOs.

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Quality Financials

On-time, accurate, actionable. Data that informs decisions.

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Financial Credibility

Ensure your bank, investors, and board trusts the books.

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Informed Growth

Maximize your cash for growth and minimize uncertainty and risk.

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Fraud Mitigation

Gain team oversight with a modern cybersecurity infrastructure.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Working with while we launched our business was an incredible value for two reasons. One, we knew things were getting set up right, so we wouldn't have to go back in the future to fix things. Two, the team was really helpful in teaching our team all the important components of our accounting, so we felt confident running that side of the business. I highly recommend!!
Kate N.
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Bookkeeping for Technology Firms

We deliver scalable, full stack bookkeeping teams made up of Controllers, Senior Bookkeepers, and Bookkeepers. Get the peace of mind that comes with having US-based, Quickbooks certified experts keeping you on track.

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Why Choose Fractional CFO Services

Staying agile demands reducing overhead costs. That’s why countless companies have discovered the advantage of fractional CFO services. Gain access to industry-leading insight and support without the cost of hiring a full-time staff member.

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                  fractional CFO services.
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How We Work delivers, complete outsourced accounting and bookkeeping teams, or we can augment your existing internal capacity. We work with you as an integrated partner, structurally invested in your success, and scalable as you grow.

How We Integrate

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