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                    symbolizing kept.pro's collaborative and integrated partnership approach with client companies.

How We Work

kept.pro delivers your outsourced finance and accounting team, or we can augment your existing internal capacity. We work with you as an integrated partner, structurally invested in your success, and scalable as you grow.

A Structured Finance Function

Our team of QuickBooks professionals provides complete, detailed, and on-time reports for eCommerce merchants, marketing agencies, and tech companies.

Data Structure

We help you organize your data for efficient storage and convenient access.

                  Pyramid-shaped infographic depicting the hierarchy of financial services: at the base is
                  Data Structure, followed by Data Curation, Reporting, Analysis, and at the top is Strategy,
                  representing a structured approach to financial management.

How We Engage

A transparent, structured process for assessing and delivering what clients need, when they need it.

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  • Listen to your needs, challenges, and objectives
  • Review existing accounting system for data complexity, transaction volume, and accounting errors
  • Create a custom proposal with fixed pricing

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  • Guide you through a structured onboarding process
  • Implement recommended permissions and controls
  • Configure data structure and integrations
  • Cleanup existing books

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  • Code transactions, prepare supporting schedules, and reconcile accounts
  • Conduct month end accounting and close books
  • Deliver monthly reporting and KPIs
  • Maintain financial calendar
  • Additional services as scoped

How We Deliver

Partnering with an accounting and bookkeeping firm gives you access to industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on the set of comprehensive strategies we offer every client.

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Adaptive Teams

Flexible, scalable, full stack. kept.pro can augment your existing team’s capacity, or plug in as your entire finance team.

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Overlapping Responsibilities

Efficiency and certainty. Multiple levels of experience allows for efficient data compilation and the confidence that comes with expert oversight.

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Proactive Expertise

If something’s not right, we’ll tell you. From identifying check fraud to discussing unexpected Balance Sheet changes, we have the expertise to identify problems and solve them.

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Financial Discipline

Documented processes, a financial calendar, proper controls, on time data and reporting; kept.pro delivers an essential foundation.

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